Invited Talks

        CU Boulder Geotechnical Seminar (2010)

        Croatian Geotechnical Society (2013)

        PUC-Rio, Brazil (2014)

        Petrobras (2014)

        UC Irvine (2014)

        Polytechnic of Zagreb, Croatia (2014)

        4th Annual Permian Horizontal Completions Optimization: Wolfcamp and Cline Focus (2015)

        University of Goettingen: Seminar series (2015)

        University of California San Diego: Department Seminar Series (2015, 2016)

        University of California Davis: Geotechnical Seminar Series (2017)

        SCRIPPS: Seminar Series (2017)

        University of North Dakota: Seminar (2018)

        USGS Menlo Park, CA (2018)

        Invited presentation, EAGE Conference (2018)

        Invited Lecture: “Energy Geotechnics”, XVI Panamerican Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Cancun, Mexico (2019)

        Invited Lecture: UCSD Structural Engineering Department Showcase (2019)

        Invited Lecture: Stanford University, Energy Resources Engineering Seminar Series (2020)