I am an Assistant Professor of geomechanics and geotechnical engineering at the Department of Structural Engineering, University of California San Diego. My research interests revolve around soil and rock mechanics, hydraulic fracturing, georeservoirs and carbon dioxide sequestration. I wish to dedicate my research efforts towards creating a better world through exploration and development of civil engineering infrastructure for supporting renewable and sustainable energy resources. 

In my research, I use micromechanics, micro-scale imaging videography, fundamental theories, and numerical simulations involving coupling between the Discrete Element Method and computational fluid dynamics (DEM-CFD) to better understand coupled processes in geomechanics at the relevant constituent scale. 

Current research: 
  • micromechanics and rheology of dense particulate systems, particle jamming and agglomerations in fractures;
  • hydro-thermo-mechanical coupled processes in rock and fundamentals of inelastic rock fracturing;
  • hydraulic fracturing and proppant flow and transport in georeservoirs; 
  • CO2 storage in rock mass;
  • mechanics and fracture of ice with impurities;
  • hydrophobic soils micromechanics in mud-flows. 
Prior to joining academia, I was involved in geotechnical engineering practice in Europe and USA. Through my 10 years consultancy experience, I become an expert in deep excavation design in urban areas, design of retaining walls, soil nailing, soil improvement techniques, landslide remediation and shallow and deep foundation engineering.

I am interested in encouraging women from under-representative groups to join exciting world of science and engineering, please join my research team!